A blog is something I have meant to start-up for a long while. What stopped me from doing so earlier? A couple of things.  For one I’m not a writer. I have always had the impression that to have a blog you need to have a lot to say and to say it well.  Saying it well is what I have feared. I’m fluent in four languages and while I’m sure anyone would agree it’s an awesome trait to have, I can assure you it has its pitfalls. For example, while I speak, read and write each one pretty much equally, and fairly well, I fall behind as far as speaking/writing any one as well as someone who knows only that language.  Make sense? Thought so! The other thing that has kept me from starting a blog earlier is time.  With three small children to raise (one of which is still home with me (the other is in daycare and the third well.. he’s trapped in the grown man I married)), Italian lessons I give at a language institute, a house to maintain and my pastry endeavours, there just isn’t much time left for anything else now is there! I promise to try to do what it takes to make this new dedication worth while.

Why English? I don’t know, it just seems more comfortable considering it’s on the web. It took me a while to decide in which language I was going to pursue this blog. French being my least favorite. I love French and appreciate the knowledge I have of it but it remains the language I use least nowadays, and truth be told, I’ve had a bad relationship with French since elementary school, always having been my worst subject. Things like that die hard you know! Italian or Greek were other strong possibilities. My Facebook fan page is in Greek so give me some credit for that! I’ll have to find a place for Italian sometime because it too was defeated by English for the purpose of this blog.

What’s the blog about?  Another tough decision. What to talk about. My life was one candidate considering it involves a lot of happenings and diversities.  I was born in Montreal Canada and raised by Italian parents. I lived for a brief period in Rome Italy before moving to Greece in 2001. That alone makes up for a lot to talk about. Another thought for this blog was to make space for my hates and favourites. I have plenty of those to share, in all areas. But what I finally decided to make this blog about is my recent entry into the world of sugarart and pastry.  Artist by nature, I have found a new medium to express my creativity and apply my art. Baking has always been something I was drawn to. I already had a basic knowledge of baking but I have been strenuously learning intensively the last months in order to make of this, a wish to transform a potential business idea into a real working one.  That said, my legal workshop is underway and I eager you to follow me on this journey into the pastry world where I am happy to learn with you, many more things to cater to my area. Νάτ Cake Artist is the idea of a pastry shop unlike any other in Chios, which offers custom-made specialty three-dimensional cakes, as well as new pastry ideas including new shapes and flavours. My idea is also to combine some of these into elegant gift ideas.

So there you have it.  A little about me and my life as well as where my blog will take us both. Thank you for your interest in me and my work, and I hope you join me on this road, as I share with you… many more sweet discoveries.

Natasha Tatta