Something to follow the strawberry cheesecake pastry I posted earlier. I’m really glad I was given the opportunity to make this because since making the small pastry ones, I really wanted to use it for a cake. Rather than having a strawberry topping, I’ve incorporated the flavour into the cheesecake and added a layer of freshly cut strawberries in the middle. I decorated with truffle sprinkles all around and melted chocolate with sliced strawberries on top. I used a toasted cookie crumb and coarse brown sugar for the base. Moist enough to keep together yet nice and crispy. This dessert has a lot of potential of becoming a favourite! The funny thing is each time I make something, once it’s done, I’m already envisioning how to make it even better. My thoughts for this strawberry cheesecake is to make a chocolate strawberry cheesecake next time, by splitting the cheesecake in two layers. A chocolate one, and a strawberry one and I’d leave the sprinkles out to keep the two-tone beauty. Fudge, why didn’t I think of it earlier!!
On another note, I was really happy with the photograph. I’m not a photographer, and until I upload the pictures on my screen I can never tell how a picture is going to turn out. This has to be the best picture I’ve taken yet!! I love the way it’s so crystal clear. Something I normally have trouble getting when taking pictures. I think I also finally figured out the functions on my camera so hopefully this is a turn towards better picture taking!