I finally had a moment to start my mission towards making these famous Parisian delights called macarons.  This is the result of my first attempt broken down into three batches.  Not bad I’d say but I still need to work on them.  I’d like them to be just a little more puffy because these were quite hollow, and they were a headache to unstick from the parchment paper so I need to figure out a more precise baking time for them (note the second macaron from the top is darker in colour, it unstuck better, but it was overbaked, they shouldn’t brown at all in fact. Still delicious and worth eating though!).  If you haven’t tried macarons before, be warned that they are addictive. They also come in different flavours and colours so I’ll be trying to incorporate some next time I make them. In Greece, it is a custom to offer almond-like cookies at baptisms or weddings. I think macarons have a great potential of becoming a new favourite for these events though I can see people casually getting addicted to them as I have.