I made these stands for a birthday party. The short drum stand is black and red to go with the party’s theme which is a Ferrari birthday party. It will hold 4 cupcakes which will be packed in cellophane bags and a string of balloons will run high from the center, creating a center piece for the children’s table which will be long so there will be 4 of these across.
The larger gold stand is for the center piece for the adults’ table. It will hold about 12 cupcakes, 7 on the bottom and 4-5 on top and there will be three of these. I’m very pleased with the result, I think they turned out quite beautiful. I was initially looking for stands on the web to order and I spent countless hours looking for them at no avail! They were either way too expensive to ship or they wouldn’t ship to Greece at all. So, I was stuck having to make them! This is the first stand I had made back in September. I had a whole bunch of styrofoam so I just carved the shapes and covered it in whatever I had at hand, which was a plain tissue paper. It wasn’t so bad, but it was far from professional! I didn’t change much since the last time, I pretty much used the same procedure, I just took my time to make them this time. I carved the styrofoam with more precision and I used a sturdier and nicer paper to cover it.  The ones I would have ordered were plain white cardboard and disposable, so these are definitely more decorative than the ones I would have bought.  I guess sometimes it’s just more worth it making them yourself, but with all the workload for this week, I  was hoping to spare myself the efforts! Oh well, at least I’m glad they were easily doable and presentable. Cake Journal has a tutorial on making your own stand which I had seen much time after having made my first one. Mine are much simpler to make though, all I used was styrofoam, scissors, decorative paper and double-sided tape, it’s just a matter of carving the styrofoam and cutting the paper as precisely as possible to measure. Can’t wait to show you the end result with the cupcakes this weekend.