The Ferrari birthday turned out really nice. Sadly I forgot my camera and have no pictures to show the setup with the cupcake bases and balloons. What a shame! It was something worth showing but it’s a good thing the camera was the only thing I ended up forgetting and nothing else! This is the cake I made, it’s a devil’s food chocolate cake with a dark chocolate whipped ganache covered in rolled fondant. It measured about 45 cm across and 18cm high, not too big, in fact I was pretty worried it wasn’t enough to cut into 60-70 pieces which is why I added (what is supposed to be) rock mountains with some greenery on the sides. I had some left over pieces from the sculpting and figured I had to do something with them.  I didn’t hear back from them and the chef in charge of cutting the cake seemed quite confident it would suffice. Thank goodness for that, it’s such a pleasure working with efficient people!

This is the only shot I have of the car cupcakes. They were individually wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with 2 ribbons. And they were placed on the black and red striped drum bases which had a strip of balloons running high from the center. These were marbled chocolate and vanilla  cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache spread. They had McQueen cupcake liners which weren’t so  obvious! In fact I’m quite convinced it’s not worth buying printed liners, especially if used with a chocolate batter.

And finally a last-minute order which came in for a McQueen cake for 50. I wanted to play with shapes so I played a little with circles for the background. The end result reminds me of retro art deco or something coming out of a disco scene from the 70’s, not sure but I’m glad I was able to give it something different. The interior was a devil’s food chocolate cake with a milk chocolate whipped ganache. Devine!