Lots of organizing and planning and luckily, lots of orders and sweets to make as well. Today my professional 10 rack oven arrived as well as my new heavy-duty professional 10 liter mixer. A big step towards realizing my very own business and workshop. Until now, much has been just an idea and projects in course, but as I stand before my two very first important appliances, it has become apparent to me that there is no turning back anymore. The workshop will be where my husband and I previously lived, at the ground level of our building. So it kind of feels like moving back into my old home, of course in another way, with much more force, determination and grand ideas!

As I opened the curtains and windows to let way for sunshine and fresh air to come in, I was contemplating this new road which is slowly opening up to me. Once uncertainty resided in me, but today I’m confident that only good things are to come of all this work. So, things are moving prosperously. The appliances came in just in time for my first big order of 500 cupcakes for a baptism coming up soon. While I’m relieved for having the oven to make the big order, it’s still not functioning and I’m hoping we can get it up and running this week so I can start making some test runs and figure out how to work with them! Apparently one of these professional ovens should allow me to bake 10 racks completely uniformly. I don’t suppose there is a chance of that not happening? I hope not! I’m also very overwhelmed with the idea of working with my new mixer. It’s huge compared to my tiny kitchen mixer I’ve been used to until now. I’m sure it will be extremely useful and I hope it won’t take too long until I can get the hang of working with it.

This is just the beginning of a very long road ahead towards the official opening. I don’t foresee an opening anytime before autumn but I’m happy with that. I prefer taking things slowly. Besides, I’m still caring for my one and a half year old daughter at home and until both children are in school it’s difficult for me to dedicate myself entirely to the workshop. Hope to update with more news and pictures on this matter soon.