Here is Dopey. Made of orange cake filled with dark chocolate-orange ganache, covered in orange buttercream and rolled fondant. I will start including some pictures of the process since I’ve had many requests for them. I had thought about doing so in the past but each time I start working on a cake, I get so concentrated that I tend to forget about grabbing a camera and snapping a few pictures in the process. This was basically 8 cake layers stacked with 7 ganache filling layers. It’s actually quite impressive seeing such a tall stacked cake. And then I start carving the tall cake freehand into the rough shape that I want. The crumbcoat or cream coating helps realize the shape better and finally the rolled fondant cut into the right shapes in the right colours are what finally render the end result.  It was a big challenge, like I always say, characters are the most difficult to do, especially faces. Still very fun to do!

Another 3D was this cake, Rhino. The shape and colour are a little off from the original. Despite the differences, I find him adorable!! He was made of chocolate devil’s food and Oreo whipped cream filling. Delicious!

And finally, I made this Easter cake as well. I was asked to make a chocolate mousse cake with some Easter decorations on it. I’m not sure it screams Easter, let’s say it’s a minimal decoration with flowers and a few eggs. Not so childish as most Easter decorations are, rather an elegant edge on Easter decoration, no?