Finally, the almond cupcakes that were made for a baptism, all 420 of them.

A closer look at them unwrapped.

And what my counter table looked like as I had just finished them, ready for wrapping. Actually, they didn’t all fit on my 2 and a half meter long table, I had an extra table holding more of them.  Space was becoming an issue at this point in my kitchen-turned-workshop area.

And here’s what they looked like all wrapped. Actually, there is an extra box hiding behind these that isn’t showing. In other words, either way I tried, it was impossible to photograph all 420 of them together! Now I’m wondering how I’m going to manage making 1000 for an upcoming wedding in August!

I also made these pastries for the reception. Much less of these since only 30 were needed. It’s a chocolate devil’s food cake with an Oreo and whipped cream filling, topped with dark chocolate.

A yacht cake. Mind you, given I had very limited time to make and work on it I had to keep it very minimal.

And a birthday cake of Ben 10! Very minimal too.

The only thing I didn’t manage to photograph were the 3 generic dessert cakes I made.  A very busy week indeed and it would not have been possible without the help of my friends Nathalie,  Trina and Viktoria. Thank you ladies! And with all the workload, Easter pretty much passed unnoticed for me. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!