Yay!!!! For the 1000th visit according to my blog stat! I haven’t been able to update too often lately. It was easier taking pictures when I was still working at home. Now that I work 2 floors bellow, it’s more difficult to do so mainly because the lighting isn’t so great there and I don’t have any setup the way I did in my own kitchen. I’ll have to find a way to make up for that. I haven’t had many orders lately but I’ve been very busy with making samples and trying out different recipes and ideas for weddings and baptisms. I did another test run of macarons that I hope to show you within the next days. They’re much better than the first time but I still need to perfect with their cooking time and temperature. I also made an almond cookie macaron style that I’ll be showing you. I’ll be making a small scale wedding cake for tomorrow and a cheesecake mousse in verrines. It’s my son’s name day tomorrow as well, Saint Isidore, and the custom is to offer sweets at school and to friends and family who visit. I also have an order for another boy named Isidore to make his name day favors. And finally, some cookies and cupcakes in blue and white for a baptism this weekend. So, a lot to look out for, I just hope the pictures will turn out good!