I remember one year ago, while I was still experimenting with fondant and having my first attempts at three-dimensional cakes, one day I fell upon  a site. It was www.threadcakes.com, where a cake contest was being held and I was so impressed with all the amazing entries. I thought to myself  “wow! I wonder if I’ll ever be able to enter and compete with such extraordinary work”. The contest was open for about a couple of months and I kept checking in almost daily for new entries. It was also of tremendous help for a starter like me since every participant had to upload photos of the process in making and I had many aha! moments where I could finally understand how some things in cake making were done. Well, a whole year has gone by and the contest just reopened again. I’m so excited to enter this year!
Threadcakes is run by Threadless, a tee-shirt company with loads of great designs. To enter the contest one must choose one of their tee-shirt designs and use it to make a fully edible cake. These are some of the designs I’ve picked and have been studying for my entries..

Hope all goes well, it should be fun! Wish me luck!