Here’s a picture of a croquembouche I made for a wedding today. The wedding cake. I managed to snap a quick picture just before bringing it to the reception. It was beautiful. It was perfect. Then a 3 minute drive later it was practically 25% collapsed. I suppose something went wrong. Maybe a piece or two toward the bottom broke loose and it quickly started to crumble. By the time I got to the reception, which was barely 5 minutes away, it was almost gone. A good part of the top cone was rock solid but it was all slanted over the bottom half which was all widened and collapsing with every passing moment. I offered the caterer to fix it myself on the spot but he refused and he was in fumes! I swear if he had a gun he would have shot me right there! Which brings me back to what I had originally suggested when I was asked to make the croquembouche. That I should make it on the spot. I knew it would have solved such a possibility. But when I asked if I could mount and just finish it there, my request was refused and I was told I could not. I figured I could do it and transport it there anyway. Wrong! Why oh why didn’t I listen to my first instinct! In the end I really do wonder how the caterer will remedy the wedding cake. I’m so disappointed. If any fellow chefs or cake decorators are reading and have an idea as to why it didn’t stand, I would appreciate to hear your thoughts on this.  So sad 😦