Sooner or later I would incorporate our island’s most renown flavour, Chios Mastic, into one of my dessert recipes. And so mastic macarons were born. I chose a pale green tint for the shells and filled them with a Swiss meringue buttercream added with a touch of this powerful flavour.

“Mastic is the product of the mastic tree, prospering only in south Chios. There is evidence that cultivation and exploitation of mastic originates in ancient years, during the Hellenistic period. Despite competition from other species of mastic at that time, Chios mastic’s superior quality established it as a unique product with significant commercial value and exclusivity of supply…”
Find out more about Mastic at www. or (or countless other sites).

Generally I’m not a big mastic fan but I have to admit I would have myself plenty mastic macarons anytime! I wasn’t much of an almond fan in previous years either but it turns out I’m a convert because I would choose anything with almond over chocolate any day! And a combination of both is the ultimate for me.

I have also made these Oreo cookie mousse verrines with a splash of dark chocolate ganache. Simply divine!