I had the pleasure of meeting Stelios Parliaros following his appearance at Mastixa Shop yesterday. The event was a hit with a crowd eager to hear Parliaros’ inside secrets and tips. He started off by answering questions from the public and then moved onto making meringues among other delicacies including Chios’ most popular flavour, mastic. The meringues, nougat, panna cotta and chocolate were all delicious. It was a great happening. I was hoping to get some one on one time with him but it was late and he was leaving first thing in the morning. We did exchange emails and promised to keep in touch, and hopefully meet again while I’m in Athens sometime. He mentioned about the circulation of his new magazine, Γλυκές Ιστορίες, which I wasn’t aware of (with my nose in the kitchen for so many hours and months I’ve lost track of what’s happening in the outside pastry world!). I was ecstatic when he said to let him know when I open officially to include an article of my business and what I do in his magazine. I’ll be looking forward to that! Thank you Mastixa Shop and thank you Stelio for a great evening (and thank you Efi for letting me know about it).