It was a busy week getting everything ready for today’s baptism. 3 boys getting baptized together, twins and their older brother. The mom knew from the beginning exactly what she wanted and it was my pleasure to make her dessert wishes a reality. Her ideas were very original and her choice of colours made everything look so pretty together. Να σας ζήσουν!!!

For the cake, I made 3 clocks marking the hour each boy was born, with their names in 3D on top. I used an edible gourmet marker for the roman hours and needles. The inside is a vanilla orange blossom cake with a vanilla and Oreo cookie cream filling.

For the sweet favors offered at the church I made chewy almond cookies with an almond buttercream filling. I made them in the shape of the letters “M”, “N” and “I” which are the boys’ initials.

The “M”s

The “N”s

The “I”s

On a side note, I also made this biscotti and chocolate chip cheesecake for a little girl’s birthday. And for her party I made chocolate hazelnut verrines, dark chocolate tangerine profiterole verrines and strawberry macarons but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them!