Cake pops!

Various candy and marshmellow lollipops

A variety of candy, dragees and marshmellows


Custom made marzipan figurines.

Mastic or other spoon sweets in little jars.

Slice pastries with custom made fondant appliques and decorations.

Blue and white mcarons with almond and pistachio buttercream.

Blue and white meringue rosettes.

Meringue drops in different pastel colours, a great cone filler for the kids.

Chocolate cupcakes with a mastic buttercream in white and pink, decorated with fondant butterflies.

Lots of them…

Individually custom wrapped with crepe paper and tied with a pretty ribon.

An order for a wedding-baptism included these pretty treats offered at the church.

Baby cookies in soft green and blue.

The cookies are butter cookies covered in fondant and piped with Royal icing. The stand was custom made to fit the 50 cookies.

Blue and green baby onesie cookies.

And blue and green baby bib cookies.

White and blue macarons.

They were filled with an almond swiss meringue buttercream. The blue ones had a white filling and the whites macarons had a blue filling.

Two reasons why I haven’t posted in so long. The first is I was swamped with work and had little time to be online and the second reason is while I wasn’t working I was enjoying some quality time with my mom and auntie who were visiting the last weeks of August. A few of the cakes I have made I never got a chance to take a picture of but these are the ones I managed to capture.

A baptism cake made of chocolate devil’s food and an Oreo cookies and cream filling.

Another cake I made for a baptism was this one made of chocolate devil’s food and a tangerine mousse filling.

And yet another baptism cake was this colorful one that I managed to take a picture of just before leaving after it was already wrapped. Chocolate devil’s food and whipped chocolate ganache filling.

It was a busy week getting everything ready for today’s baptism. 3 boys getting baptized together, twins and their older brother. The mom knew from the beginning exactly what she wanted and it was my pleasure to make her dessert wishes a reality. Her ideas were very original and her choice of colours made everything look so pretty together. Να σας ζήσουν!!!

For the cake, I made 3 clocks marking the hour each boy was born, with their names in 3D on top. I used an edible gourmet marker for the roman hours and needles. The inside is a vanilla orange blossom cake with a vanilla and Oreo cookie cream filling.

For the sweet favors offered at the church I made chewy almond cookies with an almond buttercream filling. I made them in the shape of the letters “M”, “N” and “I” which are the boys’ initials.

The “M”s

The “N”s

The “I”s

On a side note, I also made this biscotti and chocolate chip cheesecake for a little girl’s birthday. And for her party I made chocolate hazelnut verrines, dark chocolate tangerine profiterole verrines and strawberry macarons but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them!

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