Lemon and chocolate slice pastries

Chocolate hazelnut cake
Lemon mousse cake with caramelized almonds
Lemon cake topped with mastic glaze and sour cherry syrup


I was anxious to give these a try. Coffee flavored marshmallows for the all the coffee lovers like myself. They turned out yummy!

A small sinful dessert. Fluffy vanilla whipped cream in a meringue nest, topped with a strawberry in jelly.

A specialty cake, vanilla cake with pastry cream.

A dessert cake, chocolate mousse with caramel peanut bits.

And a few cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla with mastic buttercream.

Finally back in action with chocolate mousse verrines. Festive ones, considering they are topped with colorful sugar confetti. The store is up and running though it’s still missing a few details. I’m waiting for the wallpaper and some furniture to give you the final inside look. I will also be looking into an official website so stay tuned for a fresh new look!

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