Easter 2011

Here’s what I’ve been busy with the past week. Struggling to get these Easter cookies ready for basket filling. Various pretty baskets are being prepared, filled with Easter cookies, homemade Easter marshmellows and chocolates. Lovely Easter gift ideas ranging from 10 to 25 euro.


My marshmellow craze still isn’t over. These are so delicious!! Vanilla flavored marshmellows. Their ears are watermelon flavored white chocolate bonbons and their noses are chocolate candy (Smarties kind). The eyes were made with cocoa. A trully delicious combination!

I know.. I’m going a little crazy with all the marshmellow making but I’m relly enjoying it. Just as I think I’m making my last batch I get an idea (and excuse) to make more.  Strawberry (pink) and vanilla (blue) homemade marshmellow rosettes.

Pineapple flavored marshmellow nests with chocolate covered peanut eggs.

Banana flavored marshellow eggs and fat birdies.

More homemade marshmellows. Mastic and some orange flavoured ones.

They work well in small sugar cones too! Pineapple probably should have been yellow but since I used yellow for the banana flavoured ones I figured I’d make these pineapple marshmellows green.

Homemade strawberry and banana marshmellows.

First up are these homemade marshmellows with mastic.