140 of these mini cake pastries took FOREVER to make. I know better for next time not to try making them all in one day. Impossible! The interior is a devil’s food chocolate cake with a generous layer of whipped chocolate ganache beneath the fondant.

A chocolate and hazelnut cake to accommodate 20-25 (maybe even more). As I had mentioned here, I made a few small changes and made it a little sweeter tasting a lot more like Ferrero Rocher.

These are the pastries with the same components.

More pastries I made are these. Orange cheesecake mousse with a chocolate-orange cake base, and strawberry mousse in layers of Pan di Spagna covered in whipped cream.

Another frog cake. This one differs somewhat from the last one I made. Homemade chocolate devil’s food with a whipped dark chocolate ganache filling.

And yet another specialty cake with the same components, in the shape of a car. I find it turned out a little futuristic!

The first of my mousse series. Strawberry cheesecake is a savory delight. I used a classic no-bake cheesecake and gave it an added twist with a strawberry flavour.  After having made an orange cheesecake, I realized that cheesecake is one of those desserts that could be manipulated and transformed into just about anything with endless options. What I didn’t do in this case but I probably would the next time, is add some freshly chopped strawberries to the cream. I’m always afraid of using fresh fruit in a cream or cake for fear that they start to sag or brown. In a case where it’s made fresh for the day I would say it’s something worth adding.  This cheesecake mousse can also work very well for a cake filling. In fact, I had some left over and used it to fill this cake, with chocolate devil’s food layers. I decorated the top with a sliced strawberry and chocolate truffle sprinkle.

The triple chocolate mousse pastry is layers of white, milk and dark chocolate. The base for both pastries is a devil’s food chocolate cake cut to measure.  Having strawberries on hand, I used those to decorate. I gently glazed them with a homemade strawberry jam. I took the pictures about 12 hours later and the strawberries on the chocolate mousse had already started to  droop. It’s not so bad as shown, but I prefered the look they had when I freshly put them on. They stood up straight and kind of looked like a red water lily.

I used parchment paper to line the pastry rings. A plastic material probably would have given me a more perfect release. I’ll have to look for some! Both pastries are different sizes as I was testing to see which one would work best. I preferred the rings I used for the cheesecake. It was difficult to layer the chocolate mousses. I was hoping for that flawless equal separation. I hope to master that part in time! I’m so eager to try Tartelette‘s mouth-watering honey, pear and milk chocolate mousse  as well as her peach chamomile mousse. I love a dessert with original flavours. There is a lot more than just chocolate out there people!! I’m saying it because chocolate remains my most requested flavour. I’m also a chocolate-lover, so I have to agree it’s hard to beat, but there are definitely many more fabulous flavours to discover.

I was also busy making these cakes over the weekend. A Noddy cake for twin boys who turned 3.

A windsurfing cake. I kept it minimal because it just seemed nicer that way. I wanted to give full attention to the figurine with a nice calm water-resembling blue marbled background.

And finally a cake which I couldn’t resist the temptation to use a photograph. It was the first time I used anything that wasn’t edible to put on the cake, nevertheless I was satisfied with the outcome. When I was given the photograph for inspiration to make the cake, my first thought was to make figurines matching the gestures of the people in the photo. But I wanted to keep that heart-warming feeling the photo emitted so I wanted to find a way to use it on the cake. I’m glad the owner agreed to it! So I basically just made a frame for the photo and decorated the base using the shapes from the little girl’s clothing. I kept a green background as it is in the photo as well. I just played a little with simple composition. Mainly I’m glad it resulted into something sentimental. Next time I think I’m going to try actually painting these sorts of images with diluted edible colours. A scary thought considering I haven’t picked up my paintbrushes in a while!!