Due to major demand, this year I’m pleased to offer table setting and services for your social events and occasions.


I have entered a wedding cake contest which will take place at the Artoza 2011 exhibition in Athens at the Metropolitan Expo Exhibition Centre from February 26th to March 1st. The contest is organized by the company Sweet Trends and the 40 contestants will have their cakes exposed at the Sweet Trends, Hall number 3, booth number B19 C17. This is the cake I have made for the contest and it will be exposed with the number 26. No matter what result it will bring, I like it, and I was glad to have had the opportunity to make it. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best!

A wedding cake with a “Greek Islands” theme.

And thanks to aunt Rosaria for this picture, a butterfly theme wedding cake almost ready to go..

A white and silver wedding cake. Two very tall tiers covered in fondant (which was extremely challenging to do). The bottom tier are 2 dummy cakes glued together and the top tier is half dummy half real, made into one (hope that makes sense). The hearts and pearls are brushed with edible silver and pearl shimmer dust but it isn’t too apparent in the photograph.  I had the cake mirror base custom made by a local carpenter. Very nice work.

These heart shaped orange blossom butter cookies were made for the reception as well.

And these cheesecake mousse verrines with kiwi were offered as wedding favors at the church after the ceremony. I made 1000 of them! And once again, a special thanks to Efi who has worked endless nights along with me all week long.

I say my first multi-tier because in reality this is my 3rd wedding cake. The first having been this one, and then recently this one. But this is my first “real” wedding cake or large one.

The first bottom 3 layers are dummy cakes and the last little one at the top is the real one the bride and groom would cut into. All wrapped up as one in rolled fondant. The large orchids are real fresh ones, while the little ones are handmade with sugar paste.

These are the macarons that were offered at the church. I did a lot of local searching to find these large bowls. They are actually fruit punch bowls. Dressed up nicely I think they did the trick!

The bowls held about 120 macarons each. There were 700 in total so the rest were in boxes and the bowls were refilled as they emptied. Thank you Efi, who has been my helper all week getting everything ready for this weekend. She did a wonderful job with those pretty ribbon bows!

I also had a couple of orders for cupcakes.

A green, orange and blue butterfly theme.

And a more boyish order.

With blue and white teddy bears.

It was another busy weekend which isn’t over yet. One last thing to do this Sunday morning. Shrek! Luckily he is partly done so I’ll be able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take the kids to the beach today. Thanks for visiting!!

Here is a small wedding cake I made in white, bronze and gold. The flavour was an almond cake with almond pastry cream.